Vaping Rings For Beginners

Having a dense smoke puffed out in the air, well a smoker would think of the rings they can make. Considering the vaping practice to be a latest trend, There is no denying it, smoke rings, ‘vape rings’ or “O’s” are fun to do and look pretty cool.

There is nothing more satisfying than inhaling a nice cloud of vapour then proceeding to puff out elegant rings of vapour. If you have tried before but never knew the right method is can be quite tough. But with the right technique and a little practice you will find blowing smoke rings really easy.

It is something you will come across the moment you type vaping rings over any search engine on the internet, you will find how it has influenced the youth and how it is thought of something that is a cool practice to have. Like a teenager walking across the street, taking a deep inhale of a cloud of smoke and then letting it out in the form of a number of rings. Wow!! You have got yourself a vaping wizard.

It is an amazing fact also that a large number of people spend a considerable amount of their time over the internet surfing how to make cool rings and what are the methods to become a vaping wizard.

There are several shapes you can make while using vaping rings. People are often excited to learn new tricks and terms that are involved in such practices.  For instance, a heart shape can be made with a ring you let out with that dense smoke. To blow a heart shape, begin by blowing a smoke ring and then snap your fingers right above the ring.

The air disturbance will force the top of the ring to collapse and hence form a heart. Alternatively you can blow a large slow moving ring and then blow a successive small, fast moving ring above it.

Moving further, this practice has gained a great deal of importance that vaping competitions are conducted in order to see how good a vaping wizard can be. People from different age groups take part in such competitions and undoubtedly put a true exhibition of their skills. The participants are often referred to as the ‘cloud chasers’. Some cloud-chasers known as “professional vapers” take part in cloud-blowing contests in what is a called a “cloud competition”, competing against one another to exhale the largest and most interesting clouds of vapor, sometimes in shapes such as rings, balls, streams, or ripples, or doing tricks like the French inhale. The French inhale is exhaling the vapor out of the mouth and inhaling it into the nose at the same time, forming a cloud over the upper lip. Competitive vaping is attracting spectators, known as “cloud-gazers”. Many teenagers participate in cloud competitions.

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