How to Refill your Vape Pen?

One of the things that make e-cigarettes and vapes better than standard cigarettes is the ability to choose from a wide range of flavors. Vaping juices come in a vast variety of flavors. You can pick any flavor or variation that you like and enjoy vaping with it.

Moreover, other than flavoring, one major significance of vaping is the fact that you can invest in one device and use it again and again by refilling vape liquid. The traditional cigarettes need to be disposed of and can be smoked only once. Whereas a vaping device can be used as many times as you like.

You can refill your e-cigarette when:

•    The e-cigarette pods go completely empty.

•    The level of vaping juice is too low for it to vaporize properly.

•    You wish to change the flavor of the vape.

There are several methods through which a vape can be refilled. The choice of method depends on the type of vaping device that one is refilling. One important step that should be kept in mind before filling the vape device or e-cigarette with vaping juice is to clean the tank. Hygiene is very important when it comes to refilling the vape juice.

Cleaning the Tank:

Cleaning the vape tank prior to refilling is important to reduce the risk of contaminants. The first step is to remove the tank from the body of a vape device by unscrewing it. Once you remove the container, dispose of any liquid that is in the body of the tank. Next, rinse the tank with some warm water. If you see some particles in the tank of the e-cigarette use some soap to wash the container and clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning the Coil:

The coil is the part from where e-cigarette converts the vape juice into vapors, and the user inhales the vapors. In order to ensure that taste of the previous liquid is removed entirely and new liquid can be enjoyed to the fullest, it is recommended to clean the coil as well. The coil needs to be cleaned the same way as the tank.

Filling the Tank:

There are two main types of vape tanks. A top-fill vaporizer and a bottom fill vaporizer. The difference between two lies in the placement of the point through which the vape juice is filled in the container. If the vape juice is filled from the top of the container, then vape device is the top fill vaporizer, and in case the device is refilled from the bottom, the device is known as the bottom fill vaporizer. Follow these steps to fill the vapor tank:

•    An airflow base is located at bottom of the tank. You need to unscrew it and remove it to be able to the new vape juice in the tank.

•    Once the airflow base has been removed, now you can take out the coil that is located inside the body of vape tank.

•    The top connector and the mouthpiece do not need to be removed and can be left attached to one another for now.

•    The next step is to get the bottle of the e-liquid you wish to fill inside the tank. It is recommended that you read the instructions and go through the information mentioned on the bottle of the vape juice prior to filling the vape tank. Checking the vape juice for the expiration date is also very important.

•    Rotate the coil. You will notice that there are a few cotton holes on in the coil. Use the dropper that comes with the vape juice to put a few drops of the vape juice in the coil.

•    There are nearly six holes in each coil. Ensure that drops of vape juice are dropped in each of these holes. This step is known as coil preparation and is necessary to preserve the life of coil of the vape device.

•    The next step is to examine the tank of vape device to find the level up to which vape liquid needs to be filled inside the tank.

•    While filling the liquid inside the tank, it is necessary to ensure that the level of the liquid inside tank of the vape device tank is within indicated level. Do not try to overfill the vape juice beyond line.

•    Overfilling the vape juice beyond indicated line may cause the direct ingestion of the vape juice. This can be a severe health hazard and must be avoided at any cost.

•    Once you have filled the tank of vaporizer up to the line that is indicated on tank body, then you can go ahead with reassembling the tank.

•    Attach the mouthpiece and screw top connector back in its place.

•    Fit in the airflow base and let the coil saturate.

•    It is recommended that you wait for two to three minutes before using the vaporizer. Waiting for two to three minutes is recommended so that the coil gets enough time to be saturated and absorb the flavor well so that user can enjoy the vaping experience to fullest.

Filling a bottom fill vaporizer has similar steps to that of filling a top fill vaporizer, but the only difference is that rather than removing the screws from top, in case of a bottom fill vaporizer, the screws and tank are located in the opposite direction.

Another variation of e-cigarettes is the closed system vaping devices. Rather than having to refill the tank with vaping juice or e-liquid, in case of the closed system vaping devices, the tank is disposable. Once the user feels like the tank is close to being emptied or notices any difference in the performance of the e-cigarette, he can simply take away the tank and replace it with a new one. This is more convenient because one does not have to worry about cleaning the tank or buying the e-liquid separately.

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