How To Recharge E-cig With USB

Types of Chargers

Most basic e-cigarette start kits are equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger. A USB charger is a small unit that connects to the battery, with a USB port that connects it to your computer at the other end. It looks a lot like a flash unit, the size of a thumb, with an LED light in the middle that tells us if the battery has been charged.

USB e-cig 

USB chargers can only be connected to a computer or laptop. To be able to charge the e-cigs from an electrical outlet or from a car battery, you need an adapter.

You can get a wall adapter, with which to connect the USB charger to the adapter and connect the adapter to the wall outlet. You can also do the same with the car adapter, plug the USB charger into the adapter and then into the port of your car.

The most expensive starter kits include the USB charger, and the wall and car adapters.

Do not forget about personal cargo cases. Most starter kits do not include them, but there are many options to choose from, which can be ordered separately. This will allow you to charge your batteries anywhere.

Types of Batteries

There are different types of batteries to use with your e-cigarette, so the type of charger you buy will depend on your battery. Note that not all brands of chargers and e-cigs are compatible.

Cig-a-like batteries are the most basic batteries that exist. They are designed to look like real cigarettes, but they are low-powered and do not often give satisfactory vapors.

The e Go batteries are the most common. They come in different sizes with different energy levels.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) or Mods generally use only advanced vaporizers, so they do not require unique chargers.

Choosing a Charger

Your starter kit should include a USB charger compatible with your e-cigarette. Most people prefer to have more than one charger, so they can have one at home, one at work, and one in the car. It is recommended that the batteries are always charged in case the current battery charge runs out.

The choice of a charger compatible with your battery is essential, as it is possible for the battery to overcharge and overheat. Some chargers are capable of self-regulating the voltage to charge the battery. Charging through the computer is also recommended because the computer can regulate the voltage at which the battery is charged. However, the batteries that are being charged should not be left unattended for a long time, since there is a risk of igniting them.

USB chargers

USB chargers are the most basic and economical way to charge the battery of your electronic cigarettes.

Most USB chargers are exclusive to your brand; The brand of the charger you are going to buy will depend on the brand of the electronic cigarette you are using. Some of the brands are Apollo eCigs, ePuffer, V2, VaporFi and Halo Cigs, to name a few.

Express Chargers are USB chargers that work faster than normal chargers. The Express Loaders do not have cables.

USB Ego E-cig Charger

Other types of chargers that can be purchased are air chargers, pro chargers, jet chargers, pulse chargers, rocket chargers, rebel chargers, and mod chargers. All these are specific to certain types of batteries or e-cigs, so when you buy one, for example, if you buy a pro charger you will have to buy an e-cig pro. Not all companies offer these varieties.

USB chargers are small and easy to use, but they have some disadvantages. They can only be used on a computer, and an adapter is needed to connect it to a power outlet. With only a USB charger, you can charge the batteries only when you are on a computer and when the computer is also charged or connected to a power source.

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