What are Clearomizer and types?

In many of the electronic cigarettes we have talked about clearomizers, but, do we know what it is?


The clearomizer is the small tank where we introduce the e-liquid in electronic cigarettes. They are usually composed of a small tank, a resistance to heat the liquids and an airflow inlet.

There are many different types of clearomizers but we can summarize them mainly in three categories, MTL, from its abbreviations in English “Mouth to Lung”, DTL, from its acronym “Direct to Lung”, also known as Sub-ohm and by last the RTA, depending on how we want to inhale the vapor produced by our electronic cigarette.

It is important to note that regardless of the type of use we give to our vaporizer, the clearomizer that we buy must have the same type of connection as our battery, so it is the first thing we must take into account before making any decision.


These clearomizers have been designed to imitate as much as possible the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette, vaping through them involves two phases, filling the mouth with steam and sending it to the lungs. These tanks are the perfect choice for those who are switching from tobacco to an electronic cigarette. To get the most out of these tanks we must use low viscosity e-liquids.

Sub Ohm:

These clearomizers, unlike the previous ones, are designed to suck the vapor and send it directly to the lungs in a single step. This other type of vapor inhalation is more similar to that of a vaporizer or a Bong.

They are called so because the resistance of their filament is less than 1 ohm, with this you get more dense vapor clouds, a vapor with more flavor and a slightly higher temperature. Generally, these clearomizers have major air flows, the reason why the ideal thing is to use e-liquids with a viscosity superior so that there are no losses.


They are clearomizers that can be reconstructed and modified to suit the user, in this way we can choose the size of the tank, the filament we want, etc. Due to their complexity and great variability, it is recommended that they are used by experienced vapers. One of the advantages of using the RTA is for those who use the electronic cigarette a lot, they can buy the resistors and the cotton in large batches, and saving, instead of buying pre-assembled modules.

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