Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Re-establishing the fact that vaping has been popular for a few years, we think that the trend is simply taking a toll and people are quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes now more than ever. It is known to be the best alternative for quitting smoking but is this product evolving into a new way to have herb or cannabis?

They seem to take its position as well since there are a lot of studies being conducted that tell how people want to use cannabis but with were health risks. There are a lot of vaping alternate and every e-cigarette is designed to the routine and style of particular individuals.

Going for the use of e-cigarettes, we have seen that once a smoker tries the ease of vaporizer that is portable they cannot give it up. That is because the benefits of the vaporizer are good and easy. Portable dry herb vaporizers are very efficient to use and enjoy your herb without having to worry about the toxic waste of toxins and chemicals. This is why the portable vaporizers are now in trend for all smokers of cannabis.

Some of the best portable device for herb and cannabis use include the following.

1 – Crafty is a convection based vaporizer used in a portable form for the use of the cannabis and herb. This has an app as well which can be used both on Android and iPhone and it controls the temperature, adjusts the brightness and alter notification options. The design is simply big but can be put into the jacket or hoodie or the pants or jeans.

The hard plastic is unique and can alter the vaping time to a fun time because the heat dispersion is light and very efficient. It is easy to clean and use and has a chamber size of 0.25 grams. Its effectiveness is very consistent and has a cooling design that helps the vapor cool after heating it up which is a big advantage. The battery life is probably one of the downsides which are not too long.


  • Excellent vaping
  • Portable and ergonomic
  • Chamber size of .25 grams


  • Battery life

2 – Reestablishing the Firefly 2 as a discreet vaporizer, we think that it is one of the best herb vaporizers that are hybrid in nature with flavorful vapors and gets the status of a premium brand Vape. The company has produced this firefly 2 vaporizer with a design that is a progression of Firefly and is light in size.

The vaping pattern is followed from the glass chamber to the mouthpiece which is made of plastic that is why it can be easily cleaned as well. The device has this further advantage, i.e. the smartphone apps for both Android and iPhone devices. the temperature can be altered according to your need and requirement. The battery life is better and can be efficient.


  • Consistent vaping
  • Convection heating
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy to clean


  • No charging

3 – When you have a dry herb vaporizer like Pax 3, you probably know your way around the vaporizers, because this is a device that is very much in line with the technology. The advantage it has is that it has an automatic shut off function when it is not in use. and it can turn up automatically battery you pick the vaping device.

Apart from that the pax3 has a consistent and efficient vapor. the device has a reliable batter and has very unique style.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Convenient to use


  • Losing the magnetic charger
  • These are some of the vaporizers we think are the best for your use and can serve the purpose well

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